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Full Crush Bar Cover 26”


Entry/exit doors, crash bar exits, bathroom grab bars, shopping cart handles. 

Size: 26" X 3.5" 

Material: MD-Cu29 Antimicrobial Copper EPA REG No. 89187-1

Application Type: Peel & Place - Self-Adhesive

Removal Type: Peel off

Disposal: Recycle

Product Care: Clean and Sanitize According to Standard Practice.

Country of Origin: USA

Outdoor Use: Yes

EPA List-N Approved: Antimicrobial Copper alloys provide long-term effectiveness against viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. As a result of EPA’s approval, products containing these copper alloys can now be sold and distributed with claims that they kill certain viruses that come into contact with them. 

Antimicrobial Warranty: If used as intended, this product is wear-resistant, and the durable antimicrobial properties will remain effective for as long as the product remains in place.

Full Crush Bar Cover 26”